How to begin working as a freelance writer

How to begin working as a freelance writer

The years keep going by and we still see that some of the industries are changing dramatically. And there is nothing weird about that, as people are trying to make the things easier, thus creating some new working positions. However, there are fields that mostly stay the same, only adding something new, while keeping everything that they used to have before. One of such fields is the writing field. That is a kind of work that people have changed their opinion about, but the field itself did not really change. Well, if you look at it from the perspective of the whole history of writings creation you can say that it actually did not change at all. That is due to the fact that we saw some new genres like some of the official documents appear. Therefore, we can say that those who are willing to become a writer should be the same as the used to be a decade ago and even more. However, in reality, we are seeing that there is a totally new kind of work out there. Those are freelance workers. They have appeared in the last few years, boosting their community up because of the people who are willing to work. And the numbers are getting bigger each year. Therefore, a logical question comes up of whether a young writer would be able to start a writing career at the freelancing websites. Yet, before we move to that, let us talk you through the freelance in general a little.

  1. Who are the freelancers?

If you start doing some research on pretty much any job that involves the computers you might see that some people are trying to find a position that would not involve full-time working. That is a weird thing to do for those who are used to working offline and working those full 40 hours a week. Yet, the freelancers are different. So, those are the people that gather at the websites that get the employees in touch with employees. The freelancers get a task and they offer their hourly (or another type if needed) payment price. If both sides agree they start making a deal and working through the details. The thing that a freelancer would do differently than a normal person in the interview. They would not ask for the duration of the contract. They know that the company is hiring them just for a short period of time simply to do a task that the company is not able to do with the people they have at that moment. Therefore, those freelancers who actually like working at the company and take their tasks regularly eventually end up working for them.

  1. Working as a writer freelance

So, if you end up visiting one of such websites with the task offers you will realize that one of the most required jobs is a writer. The next thing you will see is the fact that there are both the ads from the employees and the employers. The freelancers put up their resumes and the normal hourly pay for the bosses to see whether they need such a writer. Yet, usually, everything is in the other way. Therefore, people are trying to apply to the biggest possible amount of various spots at various companies. That is due to the fact that they know they will not make most of those and if so, why not have a nice variety. So, if you are looking for a position where you would be able to write essays for money this is the right place to go. Sure, there is a huge amount of competition in this field. Yet, as you will work there you will realize that there are tons of things that make freelance an awesome thing. For example, the fact that you can easily make your own schedule is an awesome part of working as a freelancer.

  1. Starting as a freelance

The problem with freelance is the fact that most people do not know any details about the freelance before they try it. Therefore, young people are scared to try it out. However, the things are quite simple there – if you know that you are good enough you can simply go right there and apply for the jobs that you think you will be able to get with your knowledge. If you see that you are not really accepted anywhere try to lower your hourly level or get to the easier level of tasks. Sure, you might not earn that much money there and you will probably work on the least interesting projects. However, you will get the experience, which is surely the most important thing in the whole freelance world. And if you will be able to show what you are capable of later you will surely be granted with nice pay by your company.

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