How to do English homework easily and successfully

How to do English homework easily and successfully

Homework should contain only the material that you worked in the classroom. Therefore, if you think your homework is too complicated, be sure to discuss it with your teacher, or use English homework help service.

The main components of successful learning are two types of work: a lesson with a teacher and homework. Even if the teacher does his best, it is only 50% of the desired result. The student must work the remaining 50% to achieve full progress. Be optimistic about your homework assignment. Here are some tips on how to successfully do your homework in English.

Conditions when homework brings great benefits and increases the efficiency of employment:

  1. State your thoughts showing your own proposals. So you start using words and rules by yourself and better memorize them, gaining practical skill in using them.
  2. Write homework down and do not type on the computer. When you write it down, the information is better remembered.
  3. The home task should be feasible and does not take much time.

Preparation of the oral home task:

  • Determine what you want and can say on the topic in English. Relate the idea statement with your capabilities.
  • Remember the necessary speech patterns, words, combinations of words to convey the message intent.
  • Refer to the text, the exercises which are close to this topic in order to use the material for the report.
  • Select the necessary speech samples, conduct the necessary replacement or expansion in them.
  • Compose a report plan, write it down.
  • Orally speak your message in accordance with the plan.

Working with text:

  • Read the text, try to understand the general content and deduce from the context the meaning of unknown words.
  • Refer to the dictionary to find meanings of unknown words.
  • Work out new vocabulary material.
  • Read the text slowly out loud, paying particular attention to the pronunciation of new words and trying to remember the information.
  • Write out new forms from the text.
  • Make a list of keywords from the text so that it reflects the outline of the content.

When working with new words:

  • Refine the translation of each word, referring to the dictionary.
  • Read carefully all the words and group them by type of stressed syllable.
  • Divide the words of the subgroup by the shock vowel.
  • Establish and try to remember the differences between the words of one subgroup.
  • Read again, try to remember the graphic image of the word, i.e. its letter composition.
  • Write the word from memory.
  • Check the spelling: compare written with what is written in the textbook.
  • Follow how the given word is used in the sentence.
  • Try to make as many sentences as possible with new words.

Working with grammar material:

  • Write out from the exercise all the sentences containing the new grammatical structure.
  • Carefully study the way in which an affirmative sentence is transformed into an interrogative and negative one.
  • Check with the help of the dictionary the correctness of the statement of the given structure written by you.
  • View the material of the current lesson on the textbook, find sentences that use this grammatical structure.
  • Speak these sentences, try to transform them by intonation.
  • Think of several sentences containing a new grammatical structure.

Listening to the text:

  • Listen carefully to the text without stopping the audio. Try to understand the possession of the spoken text.
  • Listen to the text again, stopping the audio for a while to understand the text more fully.
  • When stopping audio playback, try to repeat the words and sentences pronunciation after the speaker.
  • Repeat a difficult word or sentence several times, trying to reproduce the speaker’s voice and intonation as accurately as possible.
  • Remember the words that were difficult for you to find out their exact pronunciation, meaning and use cases from the teacher.
  • Make a plan for audio.
  • Listen to the text again, try to remember the information.
  • With the help of the plan, try to retell the text.


Well, homework helps to make learning more effective, it makes better to remember the rules and words, to train the written skill. So homework must be done without fail if you really want to advance in your studies.


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