What parents of schoolchildren need to know about math homework

What parents of schoolchildren need to know about math homework

Essentially homework is a repetition of the lesson material by the schoolchild on his own. Scientifically established the fact that the information provided by the teacher during the lesson, very quickly forgotten by schoolchildren. They can only reproduce about 40 % of the material, about 11 hours after the lesson. Therefore, homework is simply necessary to refresh the memory and consolidate the lesson learned material.

There are two types of parents: those who help their children with homework and those who allow the child to do it on his own, only sometimes checking the result without delving into the process. However, parents should know and take into account the recommendations that will help make the process of homework simple and even interesting.

This article provides some tips to help schoolchildren and their parents to complete math homework.

Preparation of daily routine and strict adherence to it

Due to the fact that schoolchildren are still not responsible enough, they can not always decide at what time to sit down for homework. The task of parents to organize the child’s schedule and monitor its implementation. It is necessary to determine whether the child will do the task immediately after returning from school, or he will need a little time to rest. Once the time for homework is selected, parents need to control that the schoolchild clearly observes the schedule and very soon the homework at the same time will become his habit.

After the child has completed the math homework, one of the parents should check it to eliminate mistakes and assure the child that he will go to class tomorrow without mistakes in the homework.

Should not be near the child while doing math homework

If one of the parents is with the child during homework, he understands that at any time mom or dad will help him with its doing and stop paying attention to the independent doing of homework. This also affects classroom work – these schoolchildren often do not cope with class work.

If the parents are already doing so, they should not dramatically change the situation, but should:

  1. For a few days do not sit next to the child when doing homework, and sit down from him at some distance.
  2. Do not dramatically increase this distance until the child gets used to it.
  3. When parents notice that the child began to do math homework on his own and does not pay attention to their absence, they can go about their business even at a great distance from the child.

The use of textbooks with ready-made answers to math homework

Such textbooks have become a part of life not only of every schoolchild but also of parents who also use it very often. Although currently becoming an increasingly popular online platform to help in doing math homework, for example, do math homework, but textbooks with ready answers to math homework are still applied.

Of course, the use of these textbooks has a number of advantages:

  • using it, the schoolchild can fill in the knowledge gap due to the fact that he missed classes or simply did not understand when the teacher explained the training material in the lesson. Performing tasks in these textbooks are described sequentially with the examples;
  • an indispensable tool for parents when checking math homework;
  • speed up the process of math homework and help to save time.


But along with the positive aspects, of course, there are also negative ones:

  • very often, schoolchildren simply write off from textbooks with ready answers to homework these answers and do not carry out mental work on its independent implementation;
  • successfully decommissioned from the textbook homework will not lead to the same success in the control work.

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